Mistakes to avoid when smoking weed for the first time

Mistakes to avoid when smoking weed for the first time

Are you excited to try out cannabis for the first time? Marijuana is one of the most authentic recreational drugs that will leave you feeling a good high after its use. When used correctly, then you will for sure experience its goodness and join the marijuana family. However, as a newbie into smoking weed, there are mistakes you should avoid as they may ruin your first experience altogether. In this read, we will look at 5 common mistakes that you should avoid:


  1. Buying low-quality strains

One of the worst things you can do as a first-timer is buying low-quality strains. For one, you may not feel the high that you are supposed to, and secondly, they may ruin your experience altogether, perhaps due to extreme side effects. Ask your peers to advise you on some of the best strains you can try out as well as the best dispensaries Denver you can buy from. So much so, while shopping in the weed dispensary, you can ask the salesperson to guide you on the same. Also, it is crucial to know the different types of strains as well as the difference between indica and Sativa before trying out any of them.


  1. Underestimating the effects

You probably have hang out some of your peers who smoke pot, and they seem just fine afterwards. This perhaps gave you the mentality that you will also be able to keep it together just as they do; well, things might be different. Marijuana reacts differently with different people. As a novice into smoking the plant, things may go either way. You may feel just a bit high, or it may be the extreme. You, therefore, need to go in expecting anything but do not overindulge your first time.


  1. Inhaling too shallow or too deep

This is not to make you think that smoking weed is hard.  After finding the balance, it is quite easy to do it. For the first time, you do not want to inhale too shallow or too deep. Inhaling so little may mean that you won’t feel the high effect as expected, and you may think that people overate pot. On the other hand, inhaling too much might make you cough or even cause you to vomit. Go in with moderation, and after the first few puffs, you will slowly learn the art of inhaling it.


  1. Not hydrating

If you ask any seasoned marijuana user, they will advise you to always hydrate! After a few puffs, you may notice that you are thirsty and that your lips are dry. For this reason, have your bottle of water with you as you try it out. Additionally, note that the hunger pangs may hit hard after your first session, but worry not! Make sure you have a food delivery service that you can call to bring some food to you.

You may seem a little confused as a novice into smoking weed, but by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, you will enjoy your first experience! While looking for a weed dispensary, search for ‘weed dispensary near me’, to find one that is nearby.

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